Braile using a Typewriter

Five Items

There are 5 items involved. The signs for each letter, the special typewriter, the base to hold the machine, the clips to hold the paper, and the paper.
Lesson 1 Lesson 2
The back of the typewriter
The back of the typewriter. Notice the lever which moves the keys to the next space, six keys to make the pattern of dots, and the bell, which rings when the typewriter is near the end of the line.
The blind typist knows to move to the next line.
Paper in the typewriter
Put the paper through the gap in the typewriter
Clip paper in place
Fasten the clips to hold the paper in place
The letter A
The letter A, using left hand, finger 4 (ring finger)
The letter B
The letter B, using left hand fingers 3 and 4
And see the dots as hollows
We are looking at the reverse side, so the letters begin the line on the right side of the paper.

And see the dots as hollows - the letter A twice and then the letter B

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